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A conductor, probably in his teenage, trying to get commuters on, a common feature of public transport in Nepal. Public vehicles in Nepal consists usually a two-person crew, driver, and conductor with exception to some smaller vehicles. Most of the…

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Unclaimed helmets of two-wheelers hoarded with a hope someone might come to claim it or someday it will come of use collecting dust.

A bicycle of a sack collector parked beside a wall containing street art. Though sacks and other recyclables collecting has been quite prevalent in Nepalese society, Street Art is relatively a new concept in the country with only about a decade old…

Traffic officers heading towards the food stalls parked beside the mall. Food stalls in Nepal are equivalent to the food truck or fast foods in western culture where the food is much cheaper than normal eateries and the service is very quick as well.…

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A woman in a Red Saree with golden embroidery trying to get something to eat on a roadside food stall. In the Hindu Community, Red Saree is generally worn during one's marriage as decorative bridal wear. In addition, it is also opted as the go-to…

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An image of a fast-moving two-wheeler on Kathmandu road during the night. The general urban dwellers that commute on two-wheeler in Nepal can also be found very impatient with their driving and are mostly found zooming down the roads.

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Promotional Movie Poster of an upcoming Bhojpuri ( an indo-aryan language spoken in certain communities in Terai region of Nepal and northern-eastern India) language movie along with the movie theater's name and airing date plastered onto a wall of…
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