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02-21-2017 KamalPokhari Galli (1).JPG
Promotional Movie Poster of an upcoming Bhojpuri ( an indo-aryan language spoken in certain communities in Terai region of Nepal and northern-eastern India) language movie along with the movie theater's name and airing date plastered onto a wall of…

ktm studies (56).jpg
I was wondering if the sky looks like this. And then I thought when did I tell you I am gonna tell you the truth. I just want you to question them.

diy ashtray.jpg
A clay vessel previously used to serve special Nepali curd ( juju dhau/king of curds) upcycled as an astray with collected rainwater. The local Nepalese population often boasts such creativity to tackle general problems.

Local youngsters lathered with different color powders and water sprayed onto them during the national festival of a holiday. Holi as a festival in Nepal is celebrated by exchanging colors and colored water on friends and fellow strangers.
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