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Local youngsters lathered with different color powders and water sprayed onto them during the national festival of a holiday. Holi as a festival in Nepal is celebrated by exchanging colors and colored water on friends and fellow strangers.

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A conductor, probably in his teenage, trying to get commuters on, a common feature of public transport in Nepal. Public vehicles in Nepal consists usually a two-person crew, driver, and conductor with exception to some smaller vehicles. Most of the…

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A fruits vendor on wheels making use of space in front of unmanaged rubble covered with a blue canopy. Similar street vendors are found beside roadways all around the country from early dusk to late-night offering different kinds of essentials for…

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A shadow casted by a pair of commuters on a two-wheeled vehicle on a slightly faded crosswalk. Both two-wheelers and, faded crosswalks (and traffic lane rules) are a common feature of the roads and streets in Nepal. Adding justification to the…

A store specializing in male inner wear with a reflective name. Contrary to western concept clothing store where one can see,feel,tryout and check the price of the products themselves most of the Nepalese stores usually do not have those features and…

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A mini-temple/mandir built on the rooftop of a house in Kathmandu. The majority of Hindus all around the world keep some form of symbolic representation of the Hindu Gods/Goddesses in their house. The representation can be anything from photos,…

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A clay vessel previously used to serve special Nepali curd ( juju dhau/king of curds) upcycled as an astray with collected rainwater. The local Nepalese population often boasts such creativity to tackle general problems.
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